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"Using digital technologies to simplify business processes” is Digital Transformation. It is “re-imagining the business”. Digital transformation allows one to make use of smart digital tools to improve efficiency and efficacy of your business processes. It allows businesses to better connect employees, customers & partners.

In today's changing environment ,the need for any organisation is to adapt swiftly to the new changing environment i.e to transform from as-it-state to to-be-state seamlessly with the support of modern tools and technology. Digital transformation is not just about technology, it's more about transformation of Mindset, Culture, Collaboration, Processes that have to be aligned to meet specific agenda or Goals.​

Some simple examples of digital transformation:

  • An organization can streamline processes and improve employee happiness by providing a mobile app to generate expense reports from bills

  • A manufacturing concern publishes a product digital twin which can scanned via a QR code printed on its packaging, thus providing improved

  • Simplifying a new user on-boarding process by creating workflow presented via web form - image for a web-form

In the new normal (post-covid), digital transformation is a necessary disruption for organizations to stay competitive. To remain relevant in today's changing world, organizations must embrace digital transformation.

Challenges to Digital Transformation

  • Identifying use cases or processes for digital transformation

  • Simplifying the process to make it enticing for people to use digital transformation. Many use cases succumb to adoption failure because of automation workflow / UI complexity

  • Resistance to change

  • Need is different from perceived desire

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