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As traditional risks such as fire hazards, cyclones, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods start gaining focus; IT organizations need to prepare for a new breed threats from hackers, computer viruses, malware and terrorists.

Disaster Recovery is an activity that organizations undertake to recover from and minimize the impact of operational risk in event of a disaster.These are steps agreed upon in advance by management and key personnel that will be taken to help the organization recover.

DR is inherently complex to design, deploy & implement. With security compliance & government mandates to satisfy; the cost and complexity balloon. Implementing & operating business continuity and disaster recovery solutions is costly. These solutions put a substantial drain on the CAPEX budgets of companies.

Beyond the challenges of startup sequences, network, storage, data replication; effective DR plans need to be tested and verified. Typically organizations have thick recovery manuals which document each step to be completed for a successful fail over. Following and testing from such manuals is cumbersome, time consuming and error prone. Lock-step upgrades also pose a big problem for DR. Thus increasing your operating expenses.

At SMARTEDGE TECHNOLOGIES, we are trusted advisors to our customers for technology evaluation and adoption.
We assist customers to:

  • Identify key data center risks

  • Scope out, Design & Deploy effective DR plans.

  • Document, Test & Verify DR as an ongoing activity (weekly, monthly basis).

Our solutions are vendor agnostic and help customers:

  • Reduce CAPEX costs up to 50%.

  • With up to 30% reduction in OPEX costs.

  • Reduce Operational risk and increase confidence index.

  • Manage and reduce hardware differences.

  • Test DR flexibility.

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